So, why the Ketogenic diet?

First of all, I don’t view it as a “diet”, but a way of eating, it’s a change in lifestyle.

I have tried many different “diets” and never stuck to them because I felt deprived. I am by no means overweight, but I am skinny-fat, which is apparently more dangerous. While I am skinny in most areas, my belly is wider than it should be for my frame, which means that I have a lot of visceral fats surrounding my organs. This is bad.

I love sugar, in any form and can consume bars of chocolates in one sitting. I’d get the sugar rush, then plummet really bad. I was unhealthy. I feast on fast food and carb-loaded pastas and bread. Garlic bread from Dominos, Big Macs, sweet potato fries…I can go on and on! Chicken and mushroom risotto is a favorite!

Last year, I started feeling really lethargic, bloated and just zapped out of energy. I also noticed I was getting really sleepy in the afternoons and peeing more often than normal. I was experiencing diabetic symptoms…and that scared the shit out of me. I spoke to my brother who is diabetic and he urged me to have my sugar tested. Thankfully, I wasn’t pre-diabetic…yet. I then started researching about the Ketogenic diet after my brother told me he was on it and has not had to take any meds. His son who has epilepsy has also experienced less seizures after being on it.

That’s how I started, a health scare.

But guess what, after being on it for almost a year now, I have never felt better. I have so much energy, the sugar cravings are gone, and I have also lost weight in the process…I can see my waist now! No other diet has done this for me.

I love it!

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