Falling off the wagon

I fell off the wagon. Went back to eating carbs and sugar due to stress from work and wedding planning. Gained back the five kilos that I lost over a month within just five days. I also sustained a knee injury back in late January that has prevented me from working out. “Lethargic, sluggish and flat out bloated” are words I use to describe my myself. Let’s just say I am not happy with how my wedding photos turned out because I looked bigger than I was before I started keto. Proof? My sister couldn’t pull the dress tighter because it would create a bigger back cleavage…so the second photo shows no waist definition…I just looked like a big mound of poof!


So what do I do now? Well, I can’t re-do my wedding photos because they cost a fortune and my husband would not allow it.

I will however be getting back on keto, starting today. I’ll start eliminating sugar and carbs and eat high-fat and moderate protein. It helped me a lot when I was listing my food and beverage intake on MyFitnessPal and Cronometer so I will be doing that again. I will also be lacing up my trainers and hitting the gym from today. My physiotherapist has given me the go signal to start working out moderately, and so I will.

Falling off the wagon is not the end, just pick yourself up, find that motivation and get back on Keto. I am currently 62kg at 5’4, the goal is to get down to 55kg. I know I can do it. I will be showing progress pictures here to keep myself accountable.

Has anyone here fallen off the wagon too? What advise would you give someone who is struggling? Suggestions on how to keep motivated will be much appreciated.


6 Comments on “Falling off the wagon

  1. I managed to lose 35 kilograms. Long story short, I also fell off the wagon and gained 5 kilos. The thing that works for me is to set goals and have something to work towards, or else I stay off the wagon for a good period of time.


    • Do you set one big goal or smaller ones that are easier to achieve like milestones?


      • I am one of those people that “goo big or go home”. My goal is to run my first marathon in July, so I have to train for that. In saying that, I know that to perform at my best I also need to fuel my body with the perfect diet.

        When I started out with my weight loss I did set smaller goals such as walking to the shop after work and not driving. I also aimed at running 5 km once a week, etc etc.

        So even though I only have one massive goal now, I personally know that it will take me reaching a lot of smaller goals to be capable of reaching that major goal.


      • That’s awesome! I’m running the 14km City2Surf in Sydney again this year, it’s time to train so i will follow your example.

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      • Good luck and enjoy every second of it. The build up and training to any event can be extremely tough, but you will get through it.

        PS, I have just returned from Sydney, awesome place 🙂


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