How I start Keto

We are having a baby girl!.jpg

It’s spring down-under and the best time to get started on your summer body…errr, I’m totally not ready for it. I have been on and off Keto, so my weight has also fluctuated and at this point, I have gained more than I lost…my bad.

So it’s time to get back on track, 1st of October, also the first day of The Great Cycle Challenge, where I’ve pledged to ride 100km in the month of October to help raise funds for kids’ cancer.

Anyway, if you want to watch what I do to re-start on Keto, click on the photo above for the video.


One Comment on “How I start Keto

  1. Hey, I love this video Meg, thanks. I just got into fat burning and I’m thinking of going with Fat Loss Decimator System to help burn weight. My uncle tried the fat loss decimator program and he saw results quick. Do you think I should follow this program or burn weight by eating healthy and excercising (Not seeing any results)? What do you think about it? After reading this review I wanted to start with this program but then again in this review they love this program too much so not sure if they are just saying its great.Also I am unsure if it will still work on me if I am 25. It’s on sale right now at a very low price, so if possible can you leave me feedback on wether I should do it or not. It would mean a lot coming from an expert in this field.


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