Meg’s Cauli Fried Rice


Being Filipino, it’s really been a challenge not to have rice, it’s a staple in every Filo home, we have it three times a day. A meal is not a meal without rice, and I don’t feel full if I don’t eat rice, or so it was before keto.

But I was saved by whoever genius it was who thought about using cauliflower as a replacement. So I came up with my low-carb, higher fat version of fried rice. Here are the stats:


Bearing in mind that a cup of jasmine rice (which is what I used to eat, but I ate 2 cups PER MEAL) is 205 calories, 185 of which comes from carbs. In fact, per cup, jasmine rice has 44.5 grams of carbs, that’s more than double the advised amount on keto, so I was actually eating at least 12 times the advised amount!!!

So what do you need to make my version of cauli fried rice? Here’s the list:


Want to watch the video on YouTube, click the main photo.

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