Struggling to get back on Keto

So I’m struggling…

I’ve had so much carbs in the last month that I am finding it difficult to give them up again. So what’s the plan?

  1. Give up Coke Zero and Pepsi Max – I’ve allowed myself to have soda again because there is no sugar in these…but surely the chemicals in them messes up my body because I found that I’ve become addicted.
  2. Curb the Bubble Tea addiction – gotta let that go too, the carbs just on the tapioca pearls is more than what I’m allowed per day.
  3. Cut out dairy…even on coffee.
  4. Don’t allow non-keto friendly foods in the house. Out of sight, out of mind.
  5. Eat healthy fats and if I need sugar, eat fruits (natural sugar) than stuff my face with chocolate.

I’ll start with this, because it’s really difficult at the moment and I know that I need to slowly ween myself from these things, instead of dropping them like hot potato.

Do you ease yourself back into Keto when you fall off the wagon, or do you drop everything in one go?soda



Falling off the wagon

I fell off the wagon. Went back to eating carbs and sugar due to stress from work and wedding planning. Gained back the five kilos that I lost over a month within just five days. I also sustained a knee injury back in late January that has prevented me from working out. “Lethargic, sluggish and flat out bloated” are words I use to describe my myself. Let’s just say I am not happy with how my wedding photos turned out because I looked bigger than I was before I started keto. Proof? My sister couldn’t pull the dress tighter because it would create a bigger back cleavage…so the second photo shows no waist definition…I just looked like a big mound of poof!


So what do I do now? Well, I can’t re-do my wedding photos because they cost a fortune and my husband would not allow it.

I will however be getting back on keto, starting today. I’ll start eliminating sugar and carbs and eat high-fat and moderate protein. It helped me a lot when I was listing my food and beverage intake on MyFitnessPal and Cronometer so I will be doing that again. I will also be lacing up my trainers and hitting the gym from today. My physiotherapist has given me the go signal to start working out moderately, and so I will.

Falling off the wagon is not the end, just pick yourself up, find that motivation and get back on Keto. I am currently 62kg at 5’4, the goal is to get down to 55kg. I know I can do it. I will be showing progress pictures here to keep myself accountable.

Has anyone here fallen off the wagon too? What advise would you give someone who is struggling? Suggestions on how to keep motivated will be much appreciated.


Keto extras from Aussie Supermarkets

There are a lot of Keto products available to the American and Canadian market, but being based in Sydney, I don’t always have the same options. Apart from the usual meats, eggs, deli and veggies, I thought it would be a good idea to help out my fellow Aussie Ketoers find keto-friendly food that would be easy to find in Coles, Woolies, IGA and Aldi. Here is part 1 of what I think would be a long list:

  1. Baker’s Life 85% Lower Carb Bread (only found in Aldi) – 5g of TOTAL carbs for two slices. Tastes like bread, not cardboard. 13g of fat, and higher protein at 24g. 248 calories, if you can fit it in your macros and calories, I say go for it. 
  2.  Slendier Kojac pasta (spaghetti, fettucini, rice, noodles and lasagna variants) – These pasta substitutes have 10 calories per 100g, and can be found in Woolies, Coles and IGA. Zero fat, zero protein, 6g of TOTAL carbs. Not really great on macros, but much better than real pasta. And if you are craving pasta or rice, this is an option.
  3. No Sugar Dark Chocolate by WellNaturally – I’ve seen these in Coles and Woolies, and is probably one of the best chocolate options I’ve had. It is sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol, it’s really good and comes in a variety of flavours, my personal favourite being Acai. Per 13g of chocolate, it has 59 calories, 5.3g of fat, 1.4g of carb and zero protein.
  4.  Peter’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream (Vanilla and Salted Caramel Variant) – Can be found in both Woolies and Coles. Per 50g gives you 61 calories, 1g fat, 3g protein and 4g carbs. This actually tastes like ice cream. It has less carbs than the more famous Halo Top, and is half the price too.

Ketofied No-bake Cheesecake

Rich and decadent, perfect dessert after a hearty meal. I use a small baking pan to make 3  cheesecakes that can be portioned further into 4 slices, depends on how indulgent you want to be.


375g cream cheese, room tempterature

150ml thickened cream

80g powdered Erythritol

40g pumpkin seeds

15g cacao butter, melted

Cheesecake base: Ground pumpkin seeds, then add melted cacao butter. Fold together until all the seeds are coated with cacao butter. Pat onto base of baking pan, making sure it evenly covers the entire surface area. Let cool.

Cheesecake: Using a mixer, blend together cream cheese and thickened cream until mixture is creamy and soft. Mix in powdered Eryhtritol to sweeten. Once all the ingredients have been mixed, layer onto the pumpkin seed base. Shake until cheesecake is level. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to help the cheesecake set.

*You may use almond meal for the base instead of the pumpkin seeds.

Optional: Drizzle with mixed berries compote (recipe in previous blog post).

Mixed Berries Compote

My mixed berries compote is what you see topping the protein pancake (see previous blog post for recipe) and keto cheesecake (recipe coming next) above. This is a bit high in carbs per serving but still better than regular jams or compotes. Eat in moderation.


100g strawberries cut in quarters

100g raspberries

100g blueberries

100g blackberries

40g powdered Erythritol

80ml water

Heat water til it simmers, place the berries to soften for 5-8 minutes then mixed with Erythritol. Let cool and serve. Simple.

MyProtein Pancake

One serving is 2 pieces of 8-inch pancakes, tastes like “normal” pancake without the guilt.


1 scoop MyProtein Pancake mix

1 large egg

30ml thickened cream

40g shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

Mix all ingredients together, cook as you would a normal pancake.

Mixed berries toppings is optional.

So, why the Ketogenic diet?

First of all, I don’t view it as a “diet”, but a way of eating, it’s a change in lifestyle.

I have tried many different “diets” and never stuck to them because I felt deprived. I am by no means overweight, but I am skinny-fat, which is apparently more dangerous. While I am skinny in most areas, my belly is wider than it should be for my frame, which means that I have a lot of visceral fats surrounding my organs. This is bad.

I love sugar, in any form and can consume bars of chocolates in one sitting. I’d get the sugar rush, then plummet really bad. I was unhealthy. I feast on fast food and carb-loaded pastas and bread. Garlic bread from Dominos, Big Macs, sweet potato fries…I can go on and on! Chicken and mushroom risotto is a favorite!

Last year, I started feeling really lethargic, bloated and just zapped out of energy. I also noticed I was getting really sleepy in the afternoons and peeing more often than normal. I was experiencing diabetic symptoms…and that scared the shit out of me. I spoke to my brother who is diabetic and he urged me to have my sugar tested. Thankfully, I wasn’t pre-diabetic…yet. I then started researching about the Ketogenic diet after my brother told me he was on it and has not had to take any meds. His son who has epilepsy has also experienced less seizures after being on it.

That’s how I started, a health scare.

But guess what, after being on it for almost a year now, I have never felt better. I have so much energy, the sugar cravings are gone, and I have also lost weight in the process…I can see my waist now! No other diet has done this for me.

I love it!